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Tamara Reid

President and CEO

The Guardian Way

 Tamara Reid is the daughter of cofounder Robert (Bob) McRae.  Born into the family business, Tamara has committed the past 30+ years to working alongside her father as he taught her the skills that have earned the company its enviable reputation as “The Ambassador’s Choice”.

As a teenager Tamara contributed by working as a packer and office administrator. Following her post-secondary education, Tamara returned to Guardian Overseas to continue supporting her family roots by fostering roles in operations such as, dispatcher, warehousing, and freight forwarder to eventually managing and leading all the company’s office responsibilities.

Tamara continues to work alongside her father as the acting President and CEO of Guardian Overseas Shipping Ltd. Her years of commitment, knowledge and genuine passion for the industry has been the key contributing component to Guardian’s success. However, if you were to ask Tamara what she does at Guardian Overseas, she’d simply smile and reply, “Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer”.

History – Founded on Family Values

Forty years ago, four people formed a shipping company with little more than a truck, a dream and tons of hard work. From its simple beginnings, we have grown to a well-respected boutique shipping company that can handle the most difficult of projects to any country in the world. We pride ourselves on the human touch. We want to know about you, so we can find out the best way to pack your belongings, the best way to ship your household and the best way to help you in the least obtrusive manner. International moves are stressful, and we organize it in such a way that you or your client will be impressed with the results. We enjoy helping you get more situated in the city by teaching you about your surroundings, provide you with the right phone numbers to make the transition smoother as well as help you with feeling at home.

According to UNIRISC, Guardian Overseas has had the lowest insurance claims rate of any company that they insure! We are very proud of this fact and work hard everyday to maintain our exceptional status as a quality international moving and shipping company.

Moving is stressful, so we try our hardest to make your move as smooth as possible.

Our Mission

To grow, succeed and maintain our personal service excellence.
Guardian Overseas Shipping is undertaking an ambitious program of measured growth as the next generation of family employees take on increasingly large roles in our company. Over the next five years, we will be enhancing our shipping service structure, to provide more flexible shipping options for our clients, all while maintaining the level of excellence that our reputation provides for us. We are unveiling some complimentary services and products that will increase our market share and allow us to offer even more to our clientele. Visit us for exciting news as we grow.

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