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Happy 40th Birthday Guardian Overseas!

Guardian Overseas Shipping Limited was started in 1972 by four hardworking partners with a few trucks and $1,000 in cash.  Now we are celebrating forty years in business and reflecting back on all the changes.

From the simple beginnings, using snail mail instead of e-mail, we have now grown to a well-respected shipping and moving company that can handle the most difficult of projects. One of the most notable changes over the years is the shorter transit times to get around the world.  At one time it would take 2-3 weeks to just cross the Atlantic. Today, if planned properly we can have a complete move done in 2 weeks.

With some of our longest lasting clients being from embassies and their ambassadors worldwide, we have seen a lot of changes in the world as a whole.  The Euro replacing French Francs, Deutsche Marks and others.  The map of the world has changed with new countries emerging and old ones joining back together.

The times have been changing with new technologies being introduced almost daily, the cost of equipment, supplies and services increasing and surviving recessions that we are proud that this is Guardian Overseas fortieth year anniversary.

After all of these changes the basis of what we do has never changed. Moving people’s household goods and personal effects will never change. We still have to be physically present for every load and unload for our clients and no technology will ever be able to replace that. We love the personal care we provide and the opportunity to be constantly building lasting and long-term relationships.

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