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Long Distance Moving


Let Us Help You Move

A local move can be easy, we specialize in moving your personal effects to anywhere in Canada and the United states. Let us help you make your move to your new home a breeze. If you are looking to move your extra car or your collection of Christmas decorations, we can help you wrap and pack it all to ensure it arrives safely.

Moving Supplies

We provide you with professional packers to help you prepare for your relocation. Our crews will bring with them all the packing supplies needed to ensure that your personal effects are packaged securely for transportation. Our full line of standard cube boxes, wrapping materials, and specialized double wall boxes are provided at your request and available in advance following a simple phone call to your Move Manager.

Shipping Options

From Vancouver to Halifax to Iqaluit, we can find the most cost effective way to get your belongings to your new home. By truck, by container, overland or air, we will inform you of all your options for the best method for your circumstances.

Moving to the United States

Helping the Transition

We understand that moving can get very stressful and the transition to any new home can be over whelming. Getting to know our client is very important to us to understand their needs and challenges. Any type of help needed can be provided, including post move setup and assembly.

National Agency Network

With over 40 years of cross border shipping, we have formed relationships with trusted associate trans shippers throughout the USA. Through these contacts, we can transport your belongings safely and efficiently to their destination. If you have a special request on how to move something specific, our contacts in the United States and Canada are ready to give you an effective and efficient solution.

Customs Clearance Assistance

We provide Customs clearance assistance services to prepare you for Customs procedures. We’ll brief you on what to expect at the Customs office and prepare your documentation for clearance.






“I knew I was in good hands, but my faith in your professionalism has now been borne out by the facts, it was a terrific move! Please convey my appreciation to the packing crew whose strong arms and conscientiousness assured the safe arrival of my “thousands” of objects, both great and small. “

“I just wanted you to know that the 3 guys you sent August 21st, Jeff, Jesse and Steve I think, were amazing!!! The names I may have wrong, I recall Jesse for sure, and I think the lead guy was Jeff. Anyway, the 2 lead guys were so incredible and FAST. I will absolutely recommend them (you guys) to anyone!! I don’t think I’ve ever had a move that was that efficient.
Just wanted you to know…”


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