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Things to Consider about Moving Your Pet Overseas

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Moving overseas with your pet is a big decision let us help you think of all the things to consider when doing it.

Guardian Overseas is full of animal lovers. We know that a pet is part of the family and considering the following to help you and your pet move is always important.

Consider how your pet will feel.  If your pet does not travel very well or cannot deal with new circumstances without getting very stressed, you may want to consider finding a new family for your pet. The short term stress of you leaving might be much easier for its health.  If your pet is elderly, you might not want to put it through the physical demands of moving overseas.

Consider how long you are going to be overseas. The shorter the time you are planning to spend overseas, the less you might want to go through all whole process necessary to move your pet. ” A year long assignment to a country where you pet will need to spend six months in quarantine may be a bit much for your pet to endure.”

Consider the whole moving process. The company of a pet is always the best feeling but you need to consider how you are going to deal with your move. No matter where you are moving and how far away it is, a move will always be stressful. Your pet can feel that too! You will be in all new surroundings having to deal with potential new languages and food. You will be focused on finding out where the closes grocery store is, making new friends and transportation. How will the changes in your life affect the life of your pet?

Consider where you will be moving to. Is the country that you are moving to a place like home? What is their attitude towards pets? You should consider finding out the laws regarding pets in their country.  ”Some countries allow only certain breeds of dogs or cats. Some counties only allow indoor cats.” Make sure you do your research before you go!

Consider the expense. I know it”s hard to think of putting a price on bringing a family member overseas with you but I december 2008 misshandlades en av de vakter som jobbade pa Casino http://s4gambling.com/se/ Cosmopol i Malmo. moving a pet overseas is expensive. You have to consider the cost of the vet visits for check-ups, travel experiences and the cost of care in the new county, you will need to be prepared.

Consider hiring a pet relocation service. There are pet relocation services out there that can help you with all the little details and scheduling that comes with moving your pet. They will be able to provide you with all the little details like the vet check-ups, explaining and helping with the air travel requirements and making sure your pet is handled safely and properly through the whole move.

Consider leaving your pet behind. I know this is a decision you could never imagine to make. Your pet is your best furry friend and when you adopted it with the promise to give it a home for the rest of it”s life, it is hard to think of putting in another. But sometimes the option of giving it the ability to have a loving family that might not be moving is a better choice. Make sure that you find someone that you feel comfortable with taking your pet. It”s a good idea to introduce them early and let them get to know their new owner a little while before you need to leave. It will make the transition into the new lifestyle so much easier for both of you.

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