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Trusting your moving company

Moving with a trusted company

How do you evaluate a moving company when moving your personal goods and household effects? Are there specific criteria  There should be! Choosing a moving company that you feel comfortable and trust is extremely important. You are ultimately putting trust in complete strangers to move your personal effects from point A to point B. You need to have a check list of things that will make YOU feel good about who YOU hire.

First of all, don”t trust someone on Kijiji, UsedWhatever or CraigsList unless you know them personally. You want to use a creditable mover not some strangers with a truck. I know they may be cheaper but think about your personal criteria! You want to hire someone that will wrap your couch for you when it goes in the truck with a multitude of moving blankets. That will go out of their way to try their all time hardest to not break anything and take the extra efforts to make sure your new home is left in the same condition after you move in that it was before you moved in.

Second of all, if you are on a very small budget, just say so! Professional movers are not there to take all your money and run. They will suggest to you how to best spend your money and how to get the most out of your buck. If that means telling you to use used boxes instead of buying new or even using plastic bins to move your things to save you money. When doing local moves, there is always many options.

Best thing is to do your research, plan ahead and ask as many questions as you can! Choosing a  mover that you feel good about is very important!!

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