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Website overhaul is complete!

If any of you ever saw our old website you could completely understand why we felt it was best for us to completely overhaul the website. It was dated and needed a push into the 21st century.

We have now added more information about our two main services, moving and shipping. We want to make sure that anyone looking for a quote can easily contact us and find any information that they might be looking for without difficulty.

Now, we would like your help. Our past clients, we would like to hear some success stories. We want to know how your last move went with Guardian Overseas. Where were you moving to or from?

For our future clients, what type of service do you look for in a shipping and moving company? How can we make your experience the best it can be?

Please email us! Or check out our contact us page on our NEW website.

We  would love to hear from you!

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